Judo For Kids

Judo for Kids

Enrolling your child in Judo will be one of the best decisions you will make for them!  It will make a positive impact on their self-control, self-confidence and it’s a great form of self-defense!

Martial Arts teaches focus, discipline and self-respect.  These lessons stay with them throughout their life, including in the classroom.  It also helps with memorization.

We teach the fundamentals of Judo in our kids class. We teach them how to fall, throwing techniques and hold-downs. This class also prepares them for tournaments by practicing randori on their feet and the mat.  We also host a couple grassrsoots tournaments per year ” randori sessions” with local clubs.  This helps prepare our students for competitions without the pressure of the larger tournaments.

Judo is not only a great form of self-defense, it is also an Olympic sport!  We’ve had several of our students win the Jr. Nationals throughout the years, along with many other national and international competitions!  It is a sport you can train in for your entire life.  We’ve had many of our students come back later in life with their children. Come check it out-you’ll be glad you did!